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BioLight Light Bulbs

$44.95 AUD
Dawn to dusk full spectrum lighting, replicating the visible light phases of the sun to promote positive mood, stable energy, promote better sleep. These versatile bulbs are perfect for use throughout the home. Three lighting modes available in one light globe.  Day Mode: Promotes positive mood, increases stable energy and sense of wellbeing. Replicates natural sunlight. Mixed Mode: Provides a warm low blue light option which replicates the same light during sunrise and late afternoon / sunset. Night Mode: 100% no blue light sleep friendly amber light, that promotes a warm and relaxing environment.     

Low EMF and Flicker Free light.
Quick installation and easy to use.

To operate the BioLight full spectrum light bulb it firstly needs to be installed into a compatible light fitting. The BioLight is compatible with worldwide voltages, and it is available in E26, E27 screw, B22 Bayonet, and Recessed downlights.

Once successfully installed, when the light is first turned on it will be on the amber night mode, to then change the mode simply turn the light off, and then turn it back on again, this will send an instruction to the light to change modes. You can continue to turn the light off and then on again to cycle through the 3 modes until to have the desired mode you wish the light to be on.

The BioLight full spectrum light bulb requires no special switches, remotes, or controllers to operate, it has been designed to work perfectly with any existing light switch.

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