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Total Gem

$148.00 $130.00

Go large with our Total Gem collection. Shop our best bundle yet, featuring all four flavours of our probiotic-rich, premium natural toothpaste, our Coconut Mint and Crisp Mint flavoured low sensitivity Whitening Pens (made with food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide). Our Mouthwash formulation is free of alcohol and full of natural wonders like Propolis and Neem that leave you feeling fresh and ready to conquer the day. Our limited edition Terry Bag from premium Terry Towelling material featuring a pink & white checked print.

SIZE: Toothpaste 100ml per tube, Whitening Pen 4ml per pen, Mouthwash 500ml.

*All Gem products are free of the Nasty Nine, including parabens, triclosan, SLS and BS.


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