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B MAT Everyday 4mm - Charcoal


The B MAT Everyday 4mm has been a top-selling yoga mat since the beginning. Designed with everybody and yogi in mind, the B MAT Everyday is for every practice—from super sweaty and fast-moving flows to room-temp yin with long holds.

Superior grip
Oeko-Tex certified: free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use
Anti-microbial properties


    1.8m in length 
    Less than 2kg in weight 
    4mm thickness
    100% Rubber 
    Made in Spain


      Clean the mat gently with water and mild detergent and rinse clean
      Wipe dry, lay flat and allow to air dry out of direct sunlight with the logo side facing up 
      Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives as this can compromise the integrity of the mat surface
      Allow the mat to dry completely before use
      Pre or post-practice, roll your mat with the logo side facing out as this will help maintain your mat’s grippiness
      Avoid heavy sliding or movements that cause friction, as this may lead to the surface breaking down quicker


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