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Luvin Life White Sage Smudge Stick Mini 12cm

$34.95 AUD
Mini Smudge Stick from Hand-Picked Organic Californian White Sage  These mini-sized smudge sticks by Luvin Life are beautifully crafted using organic white sage from the coastal mountains of California, grown without any artificial sprays, fertilisers or pesticides. A healthy home essential, the leaves are respectfully gathered in an ecological way and each bundle is individually hand-picked, rolled and packed.​ Benefits Made using organic Californian white sageIndividually hand-picked, rolled and packedTraditionally used to get rid of negative energyLeaves behind a beautiful long-lasting fragranceFamous for cleansing the mind and bodyFor thousands of years, the incredible scent of white sage has been used by Native Americans, held sacred for its cleansing, purifying, and protective features.

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