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Horley's Sculpt for Women Protein 500g

$39.95 AUD
Many women lead a busy lifestyle and as a result fail to maintain the required diet for optimal health and well-being. It's for this reason that Horleys developed this easy source of vital nutrients they call Sculpt, in order to help you keep up with family, friends and career. If you’re actively managing your weight, Sculpt provides for a convenient and nutritious meal replacement solution. If you’re someone that keeps active or exercises on a regular basis, Sculpt will supply you with a high protein meal and snack option to help manage appetite and assist with muscle tone and fat loss. Key Benefits High quality protein from grass-fed whey L-carnitine Super "citrimax" Full vitamin and mineral profile for complete nutritional support Green tea All natural colours and flavours Gluten free Nutrition for weight loss is really about three things: appetite management, calorie control and healthy snacking. Sculpt has a high protein formula to give you more power to manage appetite and cravings, it’s portion controlled and offers you convenient and versatile options for quick meals and smart snacks. This isn't intended to be a ‘diet shake’ – Sculpt is designed to fit into your eating plan, to give you options for eating small and frequent meals that have the power to boost your metabolism.

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