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Calm Nasal Inhaler Single 0.8ml

$8.95 AUD
Aromatherapy stick to help stay calm and relaxed Improve and enhance your mood wherever you areMade from 100% organic essential oilsDelivers the oils directly where you need them for improved resultsProven to work Ingredients include; bergamot and cedarwood oilThese days people are facing more pressure and stress throughout the day and throughout their lives. AromaStick saw this trend and decided to find an affordable and natural solution by utilising the power and Benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils. The idea that scents can influence your behaviour and emotions isn’t anything new but the people at AromaSticks realised they were being used wrong. When sprayed into the air they become quickly dispersed and lost which dilutes any of the Benefits you would receive and if you don’t like the smell it can quickly become very irritating. This is what caused the people at AromaSticks to develop a personal inhaler that delivers smart scents made from 100% organic essential oils. Through a long and difficult process of tinkering with different formulations the result was the AromaStick it’s the only product that makes scents a totally personal thing. Practical, portable and designed with your needs in mind. The aroma tube delivers the essential oils directly to your nose for quicker and more powerful Benefits without the lingering smell.

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