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Catrina Armendariz

Ayurveda + Transformational Coach



Catrina Armendariz

Ayurveda + Transformational Coach



Andrew Benfield

Meditation + Tai Chi Chuan + Qigong
Mindfulness Meditation & Breathwork Teacher (University of California) + Tai Chi Chuan Master Instructor + Qigong Instructor (Practical Tai Chi Chuan International)
About Andrew Benfield:
I’m an ex British diplomat turned adventurer, writer and documentary maker based in Asia. I’ve spent many years in the remoter parts of the region and managed to pick up a couple of interesting skills along the way…So now, when I’m not exploring, filming or writing, I teach Mindfulness Meditation & Breathwork as well as Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong, always with an emphasis on curiosity, practicality and having fun, qualities that years in the Himalayas have taught me are absolutely indispensable to any kind of successful exploration!