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Andrew Benfield

Meditation + Tai Chi Chuan + Qigong

$45.00 AUD
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I’m an ex British diplomat turned adventurer, writer and documentary maker based in Asia. I’ve spent many years in the remoter parts of the region and managed to pick up a couple of interesting skills along the way…So now, when I’m not exploring, filming or writing, I teach Mindfulness Meditation & Breathwork as well as Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong, always with an emphasis on curiosity, practicality and having fun, qualities that years in the Himalayas have taught me are absolutely indispensable to any kind of successful exploration!

Mindfulness Meditation & Breathwork Teacher (University of California) + Tai Chi Chuan Master Instructor + Qigong Instructor (Practical Tai Chi Chuan International)

A Meditation Course for the Rest of Us!
Learn mindfulness meditation the fun and easy way!

No jargon, no religion, no mystery - just practical explanations to help you understand what meditation is and why it works, accompanied by training in simple and effective methods that you can use every day.

Choose which of the below areas you’d like to focus on in your session:

Breathing techniques to energise and induce presence.
Hacking your body-brain connection to promote calm.
Using mindful movement to develop peace of mind.**

Then sit back and enjoy the benefits of less stress, higher energy levels, boosted focus, improved memory, enhanced creativity, and increased peace of mind - sign up now and let's get you out of your head!

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