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Skin & Gut Wellness Elixir Ultimate 2.0 Marine

$115.00 AUD
Dermal health support and immune defence for ages 30-50 or those living an active, demanding lifestyle. Combining 12 powerful science-backed ingredients in proven active dosages, expertly formulated, and tailored to optimise skin + gut + inner wellbeing. One daily serve of this 5,000 mg marine collagen peptide all-in-one elixir helps to: + Optimise gut and boost immune defence + Protect, hydrate, plump and smooth skin + Boost hair, nail & nervous system health Blood Orange flavour powdered elixir  |  252 g  |  28 days supply

CollagenRenew OptyBlend™ (certified sustainable marine collagen peptides from wild Atlantic fish [56%], sodium hyaluronate [1.1%]), SkinFood OptyEssence™ (food acids [citric acid, sodium citrate], natural flavours, stevia[sweetener]), GutRenew OptyBlend™ (7%) (Livaux® gold kiwifruit powder, aloe vera inner leaf gel powder, Bacillus coagulans [probiotic]), SkinFood OptyBlend™ (Saccharomyces cerevisiae, sea buckthorn fruit powder, vitamin C [1%], brown rice hull powder, betacarotene [0.3%], vitamin E [0.2%]), SkinProtect BioBlend™ (grapeseed extract [2%], Curcumis melo melon fruit juice concentrate)

Allergen advice: Contains fish. May contain traces of crustacean shellfish.

Sooth and protect the gut, balance gut microbiome, and support nutrient absorption
Smooth fine lines, hydrate and plump skin, and boost collagen production
Support cellular health for strong hair and nails, healthy microcirculation and immune health
Support mood and boost with antioxidant and nutrient nervous system support and adrenal health

Take one teaspoon per day.
Simply mix in water or incorporate into smoothies, breakfasts bowls or overnight oats.

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