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Essenzza Bamboo Ear Candles - 1 Pair

$12.95 AUD
History Candles have been used for centuries to create a sense of well-being and hold a respected place in traditional medicine around the globe. Gaining large popularity in recent years, today they are used by people looking for a more natural approach to tending their mind and body. Description Essenzza Bamboo Ear Candles are made from bamboo, not cotton. Bamboo ear candles perform and burn exactly the same way as current ear candles but with less impact on the environment. All of Essenzza candles are supplied with a safety filter and Protective Disk. Made from 100% Beeswax & Bamboo • TGA listed • Safety Filter – this acts to create a snug fit to the ear but also to restrict any hot wax running into the ear. Directions for Use When using ear candles precautions should be taken at all times and we highly recommend that a friend or partner be present at all times. Do not use ear candles on your own. Suffer from an allergy or have a medical condition? Always consult your medical practitioner should you be unsure about using ear candle.<BR>- All of Essenzza ear candles our supplied with a full user instruction manual talking you through your therapy. Please read through the instructions prior to commencing your treatment and refer to the booklet at all times. Below is a summary of some important points to remember at all times. We suggest that a partner or friend observes the process and assists you at all times.<BR>• A friend or partner must observe the whole treatment and assist by holding the ear candle upright vertical position while the candle is burning, at all times. The candle MUST be held at a ninety degree upright vertical angle to the ear and not leaning at any time.<BR>• Ensure that you are in a safe environment - indoors, with no 'through' drafts' as this can affect how the candle burns. Identify any flammable materials that you may be wearing or are nearby and remove these.<BR>• Adult supervision is required at all times - please ensure ear candles and matches etc. are always stored away from children. 

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