True Woo is a wellness destination combining spirit + science for anyone seeking true healing, growth or change.

At True Woo, we are reimagining wellness in a way that personalises, curates, and creates a global community of like-minded individuals. Connection is what drives our platform. We have created a safe, accessible, approachable, and non-intimidating place for people to come and access the support they need to thrive, no matter what stage of the journey they are on.

Our unique offering brings together best-in-class curated products and practitioners within one integrated platform. We base our content on the 4 foundations of health; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, ensuring we cover all bases.

Our values reflect the products and practitioners on our platform. We welcome you into our community,




A safe space where you feel welcomed.



An un-biased view of knowledge and wisdom to share with you.



An environment where we listen with open hearts and minds.



Where we bring our higher self with love and compassion.



A place where we can nourish ourselves with what feels right.



A space provided to evolve your being.



A destination to receive and give support.



A place to shift from one place to another through awareness and self reflection.

Inspiration Behind True Woo

The Inspiration Behind True Woo

True Woo stemmed from countless hours researching the many areas of wellness and what I could do to better myself and our environment off the back of life-changing circumstances.

Just 13 days after the birth of my son, I was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer. As a fit + healthy individual, I felt blindsided by the news. It just couldn’t be right. Whilst I tried to understand the situation unravelling, I found that no amount of data or medical care could sate my anxiety, pushing me to take a step back and reassess. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but I was essentially delving into wellness's 'true' meaning . Working with incredible wellness practitioners, I began to take on the learnings and transforming my mind, body + spirit positively – one day at a time.

Not long into my journey, it became clear how disconnected wellness resources were. Was there really no safe space where you could research + access the world of wellness? No home that truly connected science with spirit? That was the spark that ignited True Woo.

Brilliant minds and technology have come together to create this holistic wellness community. Thank you for the opportunity to share True Woo with you!

~ Much love, Rachel Tonkin

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