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Thiamine 600mg (Mega B1)


Ultra Micronised Thiamine 600mg.

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) is an essential vitamin from the B group which is involved in a number of metabolic functions in the body. It helps turn food into energy to keep the nervous system health and is also critical for metabolising amino acids. It is also involved in the production of chemicals that allow nerves to communicate and pass nerve impulses, as well as for making genetic material such as DNA and RNA. Vitamin B1 is essential for the health of the brain, nerves and cardiovascular system. Large amounts of Vitamin B1 are found in skeletal muscles, the heart, the brain, the kidneys and the liver. Very little of this vitamin is stored by the body and it needs to be replenished regularly. There are no known cases of Vitamin B1 toxicity (or overdose).

New clinical research now indicates that the large majority of symptoms of fibromyalgia are the clinical manifestation of a mild to severe thiamine deficiency due to a dysfunction of the active transport of thiamine from the blood to the mitochondria or to enzymatic abnormalities.

Chronic fatigue caused by toxicity and oxidative stress is common in Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS. The overwhelming toxicity and chronic oxidative stress have the capacity to inactivate thiamine-dependent enzymes involved in the generation of cellular energy, producing biochemical changes which are similar to clinical thiamine deficiency.

The benefits of high dose thiamine:

- It addresses the various abnormalities in thiamine processing and utilisation that have been found in Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS

- It reduces oxidative stress and chronic fatigue

- It acts as a potent antinociceptive/analgesic properties in several models of neuropathic/inflammatory pain

- It reduces glutamate excitotoxicity in the nervous system

- It reduces hyperexcitability of neurons in the dorsal root ganglia

- It improves nerve function and has been used in various forms of neuropathy

- It reduces neuroinflammation through multiple different mechanisms

- It kickstarts the PDH enzyme to reduce lactate concentrations and improve oxidative phosphorylation

- It improves redox status and reduce oxidative stress.

Directions: Take ONE to THREE capsules daily as directed.


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