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The Complete Set REPAIR + FEED {2 powders+2 vessels}


Buy the complete set and save $18. 

This includes:

REPAIR Powder + REPAIR Vessel 
REPAIR is a complete, naturopathically formulated super powder of ‘skin vitamins’ and collagen designed to aid in skin health and strengthen your hair and nails. It also aids in strengthening the gut lining which contains 70% of the immune system. With hyaluronic acid from a plant source

FEED Powder + FEED Vessel

FEED contains Biotics-Max™, our proprietary blend of naturopathically formulated prebiotics and probiotics. Replenish the good bacteria in your gut by feeding it the clinically trialled dosages needed to achieve results - without causing bloating.
FEED also contains a vegan source of vitamin D3 for an added immune boost


Both of these products are FODMAP approved to ensure confidence for those with gut issues and can be taken by people with IBS.


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