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Emotional, Spiritual, SpiritualiTEA, Vegan

SpiritualTEA Angel Breakfast Tea 50g


This blend is filled with the intent to assist you in connecting with your Angels.

50g | 20 Cups | Loose Leaf

This traditional style Breakfast blend contains 12 Organic Black Teas from 12 Tea Farmers in Boseong, South Korea. This unique blend is bursting with flavour whilst being quite light on colour. Delicious without anything added so you can enjoy all the malt and honey notes although milk can be added if you like.


1 tsp (teaspoon) / 2-4 minutes. A unique breakfast blend, with a light liquor, yet a full of flavour that can only be described by tasting. No need for any sugar, honey or milk but as always, add as desired.

Certified Organic Ingredients:

A Breakfast style blend of single origin Organic Black Teas from 12 Tea Farms in Boseong, South Korea.


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