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Spiritual + Energy Protection Kit

$47.99 $39.00

Spiritual + Energy Protection Kit ⚔️


This magical kit contains powerful items for Spiritual + Energy Protection. Harnessing the power of our herbal + crystal allies these products are ready to hold space for you and can help set energies boundaries to protect your own energy.


Limited edition, only limited amount in Stock. Valued at $59.99, available for $47.99.


Kit contains -



1 x Yerba Santa Herbal Smoke Bundle (Approx 10cm) has been used for centuries for Spiritual & Energy protection & setting boundaries. 

 1 x Rough Black Tourmaline Crystal Large  (130-350g each piece) chosen intuitively for you.Your warrior in the darkness, your spiritual armour in the shadows. Black Tourmaline has been used for centuries to protect against negative spirits & used widely today as a general protection stone. It is said to deflect & transform negative energy, people & spirits! Can be used to energetically cleanse your space + aura. Place within your home or work space to soak up negative energy + provide protective energy around your space.

6 x Mini Clear Quartz raw points chosen intuitively for you. Clear Quartz is highly purifying and cleansing. Great for entrance ways into the home, to cleanse peoples energy before walking into the home (ensure your put up high out of Children’s and pets reach).

1 x Smokey Quartz large tumble chosen intuitively for you. Highly grounding & protective. Smokey Quartz has been widely used to ground negative and unwanted energies, surrender old wounds and ward off negative energy.

1 x Amethyst tumble chosen intuitively for you. Amethyst has been said to help in emotional and spiritual protection. It’s an incredibly high vibrational and spiritual stone that is widely used to guard one’s aura from physic attack and negative energies. Transmuter of love and intuition, helps guide you towards your higher self.


*Other items in photos such as other crystals, tea light holder, herbs etc. are not included, only items mentioned above are included.


 Packaged in a beautiful black box! 🖤✨














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