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Spiced Cacao Chai Jar 120g

$35.00 AUD $35.00 AUD
A craveable combination of rich hot chocolate notes, masala chai spices and a touch of chilli, like a warm hug for your insides. Infused with potent yet specific adaptogenic superfoods, Ayurvedic herbs and medicinal mushrooms to bring a new form of energy and vitality to your body every day.  Now in a reusable glass jar with a hummble engraved acacia wood lid. Aesthetically pleasing and small enough to pop in your bag so you never miss a hummble moment. When your jar is empty, refill with our new compostable pouches or reuse and place your favourite pantry item in the jar.  Organic | Reiki Infused | Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Vegan Friendly | Reusable Packaging

Raw criollo cacao, rapadura sugar, medicinal mushroom blend (cordyceps, shiitake, maitake, turkey tail), mct oil powder (coconut derived medium chain triglycerides (60%), prebiotic acacia fibre), masala chai blend, activated maca, astragalus, chilli powder, sea salt.

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