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Serene Bath Soak | 500g


Paired perfectly with your favourite cup of herbal tea and a good book, our Serene Bath Soak (formerly known as the Soothing Bath Soak), is curated to help fully relax you - mind, body and spirit.


Magnesium Chloride Flakes - Dead Sea

Magnesium Chloride flakes may aid in soothing dry skin and conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne by replenishing your body with essential magnesium through the skin - a method known as transdermal absorption.

Dead Sea Salt Dead Sea Salt works to help improve skin barrier function, enhance skin hydration, and reduce inflammation in atopic dry skin.

Lavender Flowers Used to aid calmness and sleep, lavender has also proven to reduce blood pressure and heart rate and may offer a natural remedy for pain, making it an essential addition to this calming mix

Chamomile Flowers Found in many relaxing tea combinations, we've added chamomile flowers to this mix as it aids in sleep and relaxation, as well as being a natural anti-inflammatory.


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