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The Praqtice

Mindful Moments Crystal Set

$59.00 AUD
Deepen your sense of mindfulness in savasana and feel firmly grounded in ritual through this thoughtfully chosen crystal set designed to enhance the connection to your heart, crown, and solar plexus chakras. This set combines three crystals, Rose Quartz, Honey Calcite and the Chevron Amethyst.  The Rose Quartz connects to your heart chakra by removing negative energy and inviting in unconditional love while Chevron Amethyst relieves stress and clears the mind. Honey Calcite rounds out the experience as it boosts confidence and encourages inner power. The set comes with a Selenite disc to clear or amplify any energies in the crystals. Place each stone on top of the disc to cleanse and recharge. As the contents are made from natural resources, no two pieces are the same — they will vary in colour, veining, and shape adding to the beauty and uniqueness of the product. This Set Includes:  Rose Quartz. Chevron Amethyst. Honey Calcite. and Selenite Disc for cleaning and recharging.

All ethically sourced: Amethyst & Rose Quartz from Brazil, Honey Calcite from Mexico, Selenite from Morocco

A non-toxic mineral oil has been used during the production of the Selenite disc. This oil ensures a smooth surface and acts as a protective barrier. To remove excess mineral oil, wipe dry with a cloth or paper towel.

Disc: ~3.7-3.9"
Crystals: ~1-1.75"

Removes negative energy.
Invites unconditional love.
Relieves stress and clears the mind.

Fragile, wipe with dry cloth, keep away from moisture or water
Do not soak or leave water on the Selenite disc as this may dissolve it

Ships From Australia

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