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Matt Sorensen

Behavioural Therapist + Medical Massage

Belle Flowers

Wellbeing Therapist + Coach

Melissa Di Mieri

Wellness Coach + Self Directed Healing
My Bio:
Melissa has always realised the importance of Self-Directed Healing. This consciously groundbreaking healing and wellness program helps you tap into your limiting beliefs about yourself and uncover why patterns around your thoughts, behavior, and emotions have led you where you are today. Melissa’s passion for Self-Directed Healing has landed her in various roles since the 1990’s. She has worked in distribution channels, private education sectors and in healthcare roles. Melissa is a qualified health and skin coach, nutritional advisor, raw pastry plant based chef and meditation and yoga trainer. With over thirty-five years of passionately working within the wellness, holistic, medical aesthetics and dermal industry, she has successfully owned multiple wellness centers and created a wellness cafe to support people with dietary issues. Melissa brings a world of wealth and strategic planning experience when it comes to developing strong teams within an organisation. Self-Directed Healing has played a pivotal role within her body of work to support people wanting to embrace and empower their own personal journey for better mental health and wellbeing. This has also allowed her to facilitate larger groups to build strong teams that operate with removing personal and professional belief systems and developing a stronger conscious thinking lifestyle. In 2020, Melissa learned new techniques to help support repressed emotions and brought RAGE YOGA to Australia. This is an unorthodox style of yoga that is for beginners or anyone that enjoys becoming more flexible. This yoga allows individuals to unpack stored frustration within themselves and explore this in a safe and fun way. Melissa's passion for Self-Directed Healing is helping to support countless individuals both in Australia and overseas.
Wellness Coaching, Dermal Skin Coach, Nutritional Advisor, Rage Yoga Teacher, Women's Groups & Self Directed Healing Practitioner

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