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Luvin Life Himalayan Table Salt - Fine 500g

$9.95 AUD
Pure, Natural, Edible One of the purest salts available containing natural trace elements and minerals, Himalayan Crystal Salt is often considered a much healthier alternative to traditional table salt. Formed deep in the Himalayan mountains over 250 million years ago, unexposed to environmental pollution, our Himalayan Crystal Salt is 100% natural and unrefined ensuring the highest quality. Super Tasty Eat or Bathe Body Scrub Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt All natural Himalayan salt is a healthier alternative to table salt. This product with a purpose offers a multitude of health benefits which may include the following: improved blood pressure readings better vascular health the promotion of stable pH balances in cells, including the brain the support of respiratory function reduces water retention the promotion of good bone health creating a healthier and increased libido better sleep patterns for optimum energy levels the promotion of overall sinus health aids in reducing the common signs of aging reduces muscle cramps aids in better absorption levels of nutrients within the intestinal tract Ingredients 100% pure Himalayan Salt. Storage Store in a cool, dry place. 

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