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Catrina Armendariz

Ayurveda + Transformational Coach



Briohny Heggarty

Meditation + Mindfulness

Lea Cristin

Human Design Reader
My Bio:
I am Lea, a certified Human Design Reader on a mission to empower people to embrace their shadows as well as their truth so they feel free and save to fully show up authentically. Having struggled most of my life with self-acceptance, lack of purpose and doubting my skills I found Human Design the most helpful self- awareness modality that gave me practical advice and left me knowing who I came here to be and what my mission in this life time is. Human Design showed me that every single one of us is designed to thrive under different circumstances and that most people, including me at the time, are not aware of what these are or are judging their desire to do things differently. However whenever we feel stuck or keep encountering the same type of resistance it is a sign that we are living out of alignment. I am passionate about guiding my clients onto their path of least resistance – and giving them the tools to know who they are and what they need to live a happy and fulfilled life. Let’s get you empowered!
Certified Human Design Reader

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