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Emotional, Flux By Maddy, Spiritual

Find Your Flow Oracle Cards


Flow is the state where youre mind is clear, calm and content. Equally, your physical life reflects that peace within. It feels like everything is going right.

Find Your Flow Oracle Cards will gently guide you back into your Flow and towards a more intuitive state of being. As you embrace Flow, you enter an effortless stream of creation... where love and positivity circulates through all of your relationships, work and way of living. You find balance and you feel connected to your mind, body and soul. You feel euphoric and miracles happen all around you.

Even when you go through ebbs and flows, this state allows you to steadily navigate any hardships you may face.

There are 44 hand drawn and fully illustrated cards with a word of intention on each, and a guidebook contains the readings for each card. They also include affirmations, journal prompts and activities to help you embody each card into your life and Find Your Flow


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