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Erthex Grounding Shoe Strap


The grounding erthex shoe strap fits all shoes and let's you connect to the healing energies of the Earth whilst you are outside. Relieve electrical tension in your body and improve recovery from athletic performance. The erthex strap works best on shoes with a smoother sole.

Spaceflex technology The revolutionary viscoelastic polymer means ertheX flexes and stretches with your shoe for high impact and dynamic use. The the erthex strap can be used as a single strap on a single shoe or with 2 straps on both shoes at the same time.

With gravity defying weight and 0.25mm thickness, you won’t even notice you’re wearing it.

The PRJ2 erthex strap is available in black. It has an extra layer of self-healing polymer than the original strap, giving double durability which should last approx 500km. This new layer allows for greater flexibility on difficult surfaces. 



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