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Ellodi Silicone Facial Cleanser with Heated Massage


Your facial at home awaits. Deep clean your pores without stripping your skin, improve circulation, soften stress lines by relaxing muscles and build skin tone with powerful tool.

Our Facial Cleanser with heated massage will leave you with fresh, clean, glowing skin. Features include:

  • Sonic vibrations to gently and deeply clean your pores without damaging your skin
  • Pulsating heated massage reduces dark circles and puffiness. This function also increases absorption of serums and creams
  • Waterproof for ease of use in the shower
  • Antibacterial silicone means a hygienic cleanse every time
  • Sleek and flexible design to effectively cleans the tough-to-get-to bits
  • A travel cover so your self-care routine goes on holidays too
  • One touch control for ease of use


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