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Art By Brossa, Australia, Emotional, Mental, NA

DIY Pottery Kit | Clay Kit to make your own pottery mug or ceramic planter


Looking for some fun lockdown ideas? A unique gift for a friend, a fun activity for a date night? Or just looking for some craft kits to get your creative juices flowing? Get started with Pottery with our fun Do It Yourself Pottery Kit!



- 💬Free support if you have any questions!
- 💻Team Workshop Facilitation Toolkit in PDF available for team activities (just send us a message to get a copy)
- 😍 Beautiful off-white clay that looks gorgeous even without a special glaze
- All the information, tools & materials you need to get a taste of pottery (without investing thousands in training!)
- All items are dispatched through AusPost. Due to extended lockdowns across Australia, shippings and delivery times may be taking longer than normal. Please check our FAQ below for more information
- Check out our tutorials: creactivity


Starting your journey with pottery can be overwhelming, so we are helping you to find some shortcuts! That's why we compiled this kit for you: so you have the right clay, with the right firing information, that you can take to the right place without going through a 4-year degree to get it done.  1. We chose our favorite clay to get started, with all the information you need to get it fired properly. 2. The step by step guide will take you through the foundational steps, what do you need to do, and why :) 3. DO I NEED TO GET IT FIRED? 🔥 If you want to use it as a decorative piece only (like a pot for dried flowers), then it's ok to air dry your work and leave it there. Just keep in mind your work will be vulnerable to water so make sure to keep it dry! If you want to use your piece as a functional item, then yes, you will need to get it fired on a professional kiln, that reaches up to 1300°C - but we will help you with that too. But getting your piece fired is like ordering a coffee from your local Café, so it will be easy peasy! 


This is also a great solution if you are looking for a remote team activity (remote team bonding!), a care package to give to someone special or if you just want to build a personalised mug or pot (or anything that you can imagine, really!)

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his "Do it yourself" Pottery/Ceramic Kit contains everything you need to create a planter or a mug from start to finish.

- High Quality Stoneware Clay (proper for ceramics hand building) that is enough to create two mugs

- Step by step process to guide you through the pinch pot technique. It covers wedging your clay, shaping it, adding a handle or attaching a piece through the scratch and slip technique for safety

- Tips and tricks for safety, to avoid air bubbles, cracks and contamination.

- Modelling tools to help scratching/scoring and smoothing your piece. Please note that due to limited availability of suppliers on Pottery Tools at the moment, the tools included in your kit might vary slightly from the picture, but rest assured we will send you all resources you need to get your projects done!

- How to get it glazed. Glazing your piece will be an extra/optional step, and we will let you know how to do it if you chose to glaze your piece.

- How to get it fired in a community workshop (and how to find one!)


If you have any questions about the process, feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help you!

Happy clay'ing!


Ships from Australia. Standard shipping times apply.

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