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Calm The F Down Mini Kit


Calm The F Down Mini Kit ~


A mini kit with the essentials for cleansing your energy of negative tension + grounding those anxious vibes. 


Kit contains ~

Palo Santo Stick for cleansing and grounding energy, leaving a balanced and calming vibe.

Lepidolite Worry Stone, turn up the calm and turn down the worry, this worry stone serves you in time of need when anxious thoughts are taking over. Lepidolite offers us peace and stillness and a balance to emotions.

Smoky Quartz tumble a highly grounding stone, associated with the root chakra, Smoky Quartz offers us an anchor to the earth and the Spiritual plane, it helps us generate stability and strength from within, to reconnect to our inner selves and release negative and unwanted energy.

Red Jasper tumble, another powerhouse when it comes to grounding anxious energy, and bringing us back to the earthly plane. Red Jasper allows us to access our emotional stamina, releasing tension and unwanted energy, offering us courage, self-confidence, balance and calming energy.

Rhodonite tumble, an emotional balancer, this stone will hold and assist you in times of unrest. Rhodonite a stone associated with the heart, helps balance emotions, assist in emotional healing and emotional wounds, nurtures and stimulates love and compassion. A stone to help release emotional wounds of the past and grow forward.


*Crystals may be different than those photographed, each crystal will be intuitively chosen for you.


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