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Healthy minds need healthy bodies. When we exercise, we release happy hormones into our bodies, sweat our toxins, release excess energy, and create a strong home to live in. By maintaining our physical body and looking after ourselves, confidence levels are lifted, and life is more enjoyable. Our physical health is dependent on everything from eating, sleeping, hydrating, thinking, moving, and breathing. Services, products, and information to support your physical health.

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Train Smater, Not Harder: How your genes can help support your workout goals

Did you know you could be naturally better at either power or endurance exercises? Or, maybe you’re naturally good at both? Depending on your Power vs. Endurance Profile, you can utilise your natural born fitness ability to get the most out of your workout or favourite sport! 

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True Woo's Best Tips For Physical.

Hydrate with water.

To calculate your bodies needs: your body in kg x 0.033 = Litres per day of water. If you sweat for an hour, add another litre.


Oxygen is the most vital nutrient to the human body. Breathe 2/3 into the belly first and 1/3 into the chest. Correct breathing allows more oxygen in which, balances pH levels, shifts neural dominance and reduces stress.

Move your body.

We aren’t designed to sit all day, we are designed to move. “Nothing happens until something moves” - Einstein. Remember, thoughts, emotions and spirit move too.

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