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What does pain mean? Pain is likely telling you to do something different. Physical pain is often a sign the body can no longer effectively compensate anymore. Pain can be triggered by inefficient exercise, suboptimal diet, and life-stressors. Most diagnoses are really just symptoms of what’s really going on. What is your body trying to communicate to you? There is no need to live with pain, as there is so many solutions and options available to you. Services, products, and information to support or prevent pain.

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True Woo's Best Tips For Pain.

Get your core firing!

All of our limbs and extremities are held together by the core. As well as helping dissipate forces evenly throughout the musculoskeletal system.

Stand up straight and smile.

Research as shown that forcing depressed people to smile makes it harder for them to stay depressed. Correcting posture prevents uneven wear and tear on joints and muscles.

Listen to your pain.

Pain is our bodies way of communicating with us. Spend time to investigate and discover where the source of your pain coming from.

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