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Is the mind in the brain or the brain in the mind? The brain is ‘simply’ the engine of thinking, and the nervous system is the vehicle for the mind. Mental health can be affected by a range of variables and is constantly fluctuating. There is a so much support and communities out there to help you support your mental health. It is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through to adulthood. Services, products, and information to support your mental health.

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3 Realistic Ways To Integrate A Digital Detox Into Your Life

For many of us its almost impossible to unplug entirely, and lets face it, switching off for a day or two or even a week isn’t going to provide long term results and you will find yourself once again feeling overwhelmed at the amount of time you spend using your digital devices.

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True Woo's Best Tips For Mental.

Define your meditation?

We all have unique ways to balance our thoughts, emotions and energy. Whether its meditation, an altar, nature, find your special place.

Get clear on dreams and values.

Get support by getting people on your dream team and keep each other supported and accountable.

Energy flows where attention goes.

You can create your reality, don’t allow labels to define you.

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