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Emotional health is as important as any other aspect of our health, it is how you think and feel. Emotions are energy in motion. They are an energetic expression of your thoughts and beliefs that are stored in our body. You can become aware of our emotions, learn to process, and release them, to ensure they aren’t stored in you body. When emotions are in balance, you have control over your life. Services, products, and information to support your emotions.

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Navigating the New Year with your intuition

Clairvoyant Healing incorporates a whole body experience to scan and feel the different aspects of a person’s energy field. Clairvoyant Healing can heal recurring patterns in your lives and provide you with uplifting inspiration and insights into your present life.

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True Woo's Best Tips For Emotions.

Emotional expression is extremely important.

We hold emotions in our body and we resist, it persists.

Sneaky emotional imbalances.

Emotional imbalances are one of the most overlooked aspect of rehabilitation and conditioning.

Share how you feel.

By sharing we help dissipate energetic tensions between body and brain.

Stretch, move and shake off excess energy.

When there’s too much energy flowing through a circuit, it tends to blow the fuse. That’s what pain usually is.

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